Cress Creek offers several membership options for individuals and families. You can choose a plan tailored to your specific needs and budget, all while enjoying the added social benefits of belonging to Cress Creek.

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Initiation Fees: 

As of May 27, 2014, all initiation fees have been temporarily waived. Initiation fees may be reinstated at any time by the ownership group. Prior initiation fees were $2,500 per family and $1,500 per individual membership. We are continuously evaluating the status of initiation fees.

Membership Options:
House: Unlimited use of the clubhouse facilities without charge. Fees for *limited* use of golf (3 day advance tee time reservation), tennis, and pool facilities apply. Supplemental annual fee for unlimited use of golf (7 day advance tee time reservation), tennis, and/or pool. * See supplemental memberships below.

Supplemental Memberships:

Golf:  Unlimited use of golf facilities without payment of greens fees. Cart fees apply. Seven day advance reservations for golf facilities.

Tennis:  Unlimited summer usage of tennis facilities without payment of court fees.  Seven day advance reservations for tennis facilities.

Pool:  Unlimited usage of pool facilities without payment of daily pool fees.

Additional Membership Options:

Junior: New Members under 40 qualify for discounted golf dues

Senior: New Members over 69 years of age pay no initiation fee (all applicable dues apply.) 

Corporate Memberships: Companies can purchase memberships for 4 or more of their employees and receive discounted house and supplemental dues (golf, swimming and tennis) as well as a Golf Outing each year at a discounted rate. Please call The Club for details.

Non Resident: Must live outside 25 miles (driving) of Cress Creek. Food minimum does not apply. Three day in advance reservation for golf and tennis. Daily fees apply.

Associate Pool: Join the pool at Cress Creek for a Summer of Family Fun. This membership requires a monthly food minimum and does not include clubhouse privileges. You will enjoy a beautiful competition size pool just redone in 2008. Amenities include showers and changing areas, wading pool, lifeguards, snack bar service, pavilion, private parties. The pool opens Memorial Day and closes after Labor Day.

Associate Tennis: Tennis facilities only. This membership requires no initiation fee and no food minimum, as clubhouse privileges are not included in this package. The associate tennis member will not obtain a Cress Creek membership account. The Associate membership dues are $600 for the year beginning October 1.

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